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Small Image of Northbrook District 28 Chamber Orchestra
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Northbrook District 28 Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra regularly performs for school concerts as...

Small Image of Third Coast Acoustic Project
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Third Coast Acoustic Project

Chicago-based Third Coast Acoustic Project is a newly-formed...

Small Image of Amanda Akstins
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Amanda Akstins

Amanda Akstins is a junior music education student at DePaul University's School...

Small Image of Marie Alatalo
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Marie Alatalo

Marie Alatalo is a pianist, teacher, producer, and writer. She graduated from the Interlochen Arts...

Small Image of Arizona Repertory Orchestra
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Arizona Repertory Orchestra

The Arizona Repertory Orchestra is a summer reading orchestra that meets weekly in the Phoenix...

Small Image of Emanuel Ax
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Emanuel Ax

Emanuel Ax connects with audiences and musicians - professionals and amateurs alike - through his...

Small Image of Frank Babbitt
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Frank Babbitt

Frank Babbitt is a member of the Lyric Opera Orchestra and is on the Chamber Music faculty at Northwestern's...

Small Image of Clark Baldwin
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Clark Baldwin

Clark has shared the stage with Carlos Santana, Dr. John, Stan Getz, Ray Barretto,...

Small Image of James Baum
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James Baum

James Baum is a teacher in his 6th year at Riverside Brookfield High School District...

Small Image of Fran Beaudry
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Fran Beaudry

Fran Beaudry is a dedicated music educator.

Small Image of Bella Voce
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Bella Voce

Bella Voce is an a cappella chamber choir based in Chicago.

Small Image of J. Lawrie Bloom
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J. Lawrie Bloom

J. Lawrie Bloom is a committed teacher and co-founder of a chamber music festival which...

Small Image of Jazmin Brandon
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Jazmin Brandon

Jazmin is a young musician.

Small Image of Stephen P. Brown
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Stephen P. Brown

Two-time Global Music Awards Winner, Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown is a Maestro...

Small Image of Jennifer Celaya
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Jennifer Celaya

Jennifer is a music lover who understands the importance of music in bringing joy and healing ...

Small Image of Maggie Cerjan
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Maggie Cerjan

Maggie uses her passion for music to inspire her students to be better musicians and better st...

Small Image of Rembrandt Chamber Players
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Rembrandt Chamber Players

Deeply committed to fostering chamber music education and appreciation, RCP founded...

Small Image of Julian Champion
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Julian Champion

Captain Julian Champion brings music education to hundreds of children who lack resources.

Small Image of Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble
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Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble

The Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble invests in shaping the future of young people.

Small Image of David Katz and the Chicago Bar Association Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
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David Katz and the Chicago Bar Association Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

The Chicago Bar Association Symphony Orchestra is Chicagoland’s unique orchestra of...
Small Image of Chicago Chamber Musicians
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Chicago Chamber Musicians

The Chicago Chamber Musicians is dedicated to the performance of chamber music.

Small Image of Chicago Children's Choir
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Chicago Children's Choir

The multicultural Chicago Children’s Choir shapes the future by making a difference in the lives...

Small Image of Local 10-208 Chicago Federation of Musicians
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Local 10-208 Chicago Federation of Musicians

The Chicago Federation of Musicians supports the work of professional musicians in Chicago.

Small Image of The Chicago School for Piano Technology
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The Chicago School for Piano Technology

The mission of The Chicago School for Piano Technology is to foster the next generations of piano...

Small Image of Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras
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Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras

CYSO is investing in the future of music and the next generation of leaders in all career fiel...

Small Image of Choirs of America
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Choirs of America

Choirs of America engages, inspires, and educates choirs across the country.

Small Image of Sam Cichon
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Sam Cichon

Sam is a retired senior who likes to make music with others.

Small Image of Civic Orchestra of Chicago
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Civic Orchestra of Chicago

The Civic Orchestra of Chicago has been providing musical training since 1919.

Small Image of The Classical Symphony and Protégé Philharmonic
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The Classical Symphony and Protégé Philharmonic

The mission of the organization is to build the future of classical music through the cultivation...

Small Image of Larena Code
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Larena Code

Larena Code is passionate about introducing music into the lives of children.

Small Image of Cliff Colnot
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Cliff Colnot

Cliff Colnot is principal conductor for the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and MusicNOW. He is also a...

Small Image of Community MusicWorks
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Community MusicWorks

Community MusicWorks uses classical music to empower communities and transform lives.

Small Image of Elise Dalleska
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Elise Dalleska

Elise is a musician who helps her students navigate their lives with grace, empathy, and respo...

Small Image of Alison Dalton
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Alison Dalton

Alison Dalton is a violinist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Small Image of Patricia Dash
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Patricia Dash

Patricia Dash is co-founder of the Percussion Scholarship Program.

Small Image of Consulado General de México en Chicago
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Consulado General de México en Chicago

The Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago has had the honor of collaborating with the CSO on several...

Small Image of Francis DeAsis
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Francis DeAsis

Following in the footsteps of his younger sister, Francis DeAsis began his musical...

Small Image of DePaul University Community Music Division
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DePaul University Community Music Division

The Community Music Division creates opportunities for students to explore their artistic passions...

Small Image of CSO Docent Program
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CSO Docent Program

Docent Program

The Docent Program, a project of the League...

Small Image of Emma Endres-Kountz
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Emma Endres-Kountz

Emma Endres-Kountz co-founded the Merit School of Music in Chicago, IL.

Small Image of Rick Ferguson
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Rick Ferguson

Rick Ferguson is a music educator and performer in Evanston, IL.

Small Image of Christopher Flores
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Christopher Flores

Bassist with the Austin Symphony Orchestra and Austin Lyric Opera.  Former...

Small Image of Ashanti Gayden
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Ashanti Gayden

Ashanti is a student who strives to make a difference through music.

Small Image of Paul Gilvary
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Paul Gilvary

Paul is a dedicated music educator.

Small Image of Elliott Golub
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Elliott Golub

Elliott Golub is a Chicago-area performer.

Small Image of Marcus  Good Music
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Marcus Good Music

Marcus Butler, is a lyricist, vocalist, vocal coach, and vocal producer, composer,...
Small Image of Frank Hamilton
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Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton shares his love of music with students and audiences.

Small Image of Robert Hanford
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Robert Hanford

Concertmaster of Lyric Opera of Chicago, who participates in many community activities.

Small Image of Jonathan Harnum
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Jonathan Harnum

Jonathan shares his knowledge and love of music with others through teaching, blogging, and mo...

Small Image of Alan Heatherington
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Alan Heatherington

Alan Heatherington is a Chicago conductor, performer, teacher and mentor dedicated to enriching the...

Small Image of Michael Henoch
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Michael Henoch

Michael Henoch is assistant principal oboe of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Small Image of Michael Hining
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Michael Hining

Michael Hining draws on his outstanding musicianship and nurturing, yet demanding, teaching style...

Small Image of Rashada House
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Rashada House

Rashada House is a young musician.

Small Image of Claire Hugi
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Claire Hugi

I am a housewife and an amateur musician, a pianist.  My husband plays the...

Small Image of Institute for Learning, Access and Training at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
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Institute for Learning, Access and Training at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Institute for Learning, Access and Training ignites sparks of curiosity about music.

Small Image of International Chamber Artists
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International Chamber Artists

The International Chamber Artists present concerts, support area music schools, and develop new and...

Small Image of Jackie Jansen
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Jackie Jansen

I am a violinist who started playing around age 6. I majored in Applied Music/Violin...
Small Image of Susan John
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Susan John

Mezzo-soprano Susan John brings her love of music to children in hospitals.

Small Image of Dominic Johnson
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Dominic Johnson

After studying with Csaba Erdelyi at Rice University,...

Small Image of Sheila Jones
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Sheila Jones

My family were child musicians with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights...

Small Image of Jaehee Ju
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Jaehee Ju


It is a honor and very exciting to be part of a citizen musician. We are living in...

Small Image of David Katz
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David Katz

David Katz is an active performer and educator in the Chicago area.

Small Image of Jacqueline Kelly-McHale
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Jacqueline Kelly-McHale

Jacqueline Kelly-McHale is an experienced music educator.

Small Image of Melanie Kupchynsky
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Melanie Kupchynsky

My most important work as a citizen musician was instilled in me by my father at a very early age....

Small Image of Learn to Make Music
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Learn to Make Music

Learn to Make Music is a non-for profit organization that brings quality music education and programs...

Small Image of Josephine Lee
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Josephine Lee

Josephine Lee is President and Artistic Director of Chicago Children's Choir

Small Image of Kassie Lord
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Kassie Lord

Kassie Lord is originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and went to North Park...

Small Image of Victoria Lowczyk
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Victoria Lowczyk


Victoria is a pianist, vocalist...

Small Image of Yo-Yo Ma
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Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma was inspired to develop the citizen musician initiative after reading about Felix Mendelssohn’s...

Small Image of Ian Maksin
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Ian Maksin

Ian shares his music with people all over the city of Chicago.

Small Image of Anthony McGill
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Anthony McGill

Anthony is a clarinetist dedicated to using music to build community.

Small Image of Evelyn DeVivo Meine
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Evelyn DeVivo Meine

Evelyn DeVivo Meine was the coordinator of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s community education...

Small Image of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
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Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Being a musician meant that he would explore as many areas as his talent allowed. Mendelssohn wasn’t...

Small Image of Merit School of Music
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Merit School of Music

Merit School of Music: making music...building lives

Small Image of Midwest Young Artists
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Midwest Young Artists

The core of the mission of Midwest Young Artists is to enrich the lives of our students and co...

Small Image of Ebony Miller
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Ebony Miller

Ebony Miller is a student at Emerson Visual Performing Arts Academy.

Small Image of Minor Music, LLC
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Minor Music, LLC

Minor Music publishes classroom materials and answers the questions of music students and pare...

Small Image of Wendy Morgan
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Small Image of Ellen Mosher
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Ellen Mosher

Ellen Mosher is a pianist and teacher who takes pride in touching the lives of her students and her...

Small Image of Shaolin Muse
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Shaolin Muse

I am a 23 year old mixed African-American that has a disability known as Asperger's...
Small Image of Music Institute of Chicago
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Music Institute of Chicago

The Music Institute of Chicago reaches Chicago-area students at its six campuses.

Small Image of Music Learning Community at Northwestern University
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Music Learning Community at Northwestern University

The Music Learning Community aims to provide all students with performing and teaching opportu...

Small Image of The Musical Offering
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The Musical Offering

The Musical Offering is a community music school located in Evanston, IL.

Small Image of Riccardo Muti
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Riccardo Muti

In Chicago, Muti is working with juvenile detention centers to bring the hope and possibility of music...

Small Image of Yayoi Nakai
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Yayoi Nakai

Yayoi Nakai is a music therapist.

Small Image of Natalie Nedvetsky
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Natalie Nedvetsky

Natalie is committed to sharing her love of music and her concern for others.

Small Image of Claire and Ralph Neiweem
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Claire and Ralph Neiweem

Claire and Ralph Neiweem are pianists and teachers.

Small Image of Northern Illinois University Community School of the Arts
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Northern Illinois University Community School of the Arts

NIU's Community School of the Arts offers arts programming to all ages in the community.

Small Image of Northern Illinois University School of Music
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Northern Illinois University School of Music

The Northern Illinois University School of Music is committed to providing students a strong artistic,...

Small Image of Northshore Concert Band
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Northshore Concert Band

The Northshore Concert Band provides high-caliber performance opportunities for local community members...

Small Image of Sharing Notes
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Sharing Notes

Sharing Notes organizes interactive, engaging live musical performances in Chicago hospitals....

Small Image of Old Town School of Folk Music
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Old Town School of Folk Music

The Old Town School of Folk Music teaches and celebrates music and cultural expressions rooted in...

Small Image of Ovation Press String Visions
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Ovation Press String Visions

String Visions is a resource center for the 21st century musician.

Small Image of Elvin Padilla
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Elvin Padilla

A multidisciplinary community development practitioner and advocate, Elvin has worked...
Small Image of Diogo Pereira
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Diogo Pereira

Diogo Pereira, conductor and social entreprenuer, embraces two passions: Music and Social Justice. "I...

Small Image of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
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Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

We are a local chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a national fraternity of music. We have roughly 15...

Small Image of Charles Pikler
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Charles Pikler

Charles Pikler is principal violist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a teacher at Midwest Young...

Small Image of Daniel Pilgreen
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Daniel Pilgreen

I am a saxophone player, but also a composer and a conductor-to-be. I love playing...
Small Image of Carlos Miguel Prieto
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Carlos Miguel Prieto

Carlos Miguel Prieto is currently the music director for the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de...

Small Image of Reading in Motion
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Reading in Motion

Reading In Motion aims to get every at-risk kindergarten through third grade student reading at or...

Small Image of David Reithoffer
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David Reithoffer

I have played violin since 4th grade.   Nothing serious but sometimes it really...

Small Image of Renovo String Orchestra
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Renovo String Orchestra

The Renovo String Orchestra is dedicated to presenting some of the most prominent and moving string...
Small Image of Elizabeth Rexford
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Elizabeth Rexford

Elizabeth is a retired music teacher whose love for music motivates her to continue her work through...

Small Image of Russell Riendeau
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Russell Riendeau

Russ Riendeau is a longtime guitarist/singer/songwriter who shares his passion with audiences, students,...

Small Image of Gail Rodin
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Gail Rodin

Gail Rodin is currently the Orchestra Director at Joseph Sears School in Kenilworth,...

Small Image of Doris 'Pandorie' Rolland
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Doris 'Pandorie' Rolland

I am a certified teacher/ general music and instrumental music educator/teaching artist/website designer Bio:...

Small Image of David Russell
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David Russell

David Russell is one of the worlds leading voices on the classical guitar. He is a Grammy...
Small Image of David Saenger
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David Saenger

David is a Chicago-based music educator and musician.

Small Image of Sarah Sapperstein
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Sarah Sapperstein

Singer, Actor, Administrator, Advocate! 15 year career in theatre including over 40 theatre, musical...

Small Image of Dan Schwandt
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Dan Schwandt

Dan Schwandt is the Cantor at Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park and the Lutheran School of Theology...

Small Image of Jason Seed
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Jason Seed

Genre-bending guitarist and composer. Leader of the Jason Seed Elixir Ensemble and Jason Seed Stringtet,...

Small Image of Jeff Seibert
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Jeff Seibert

I am the director of the Mayerson Artistic Excellence Program at the School for...

Small Image of Daisuke Seki
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Daisuke Seki

I'm Daisuke Seki, coming from Japan as an international student at the Harris school...

Small Image of Sherwood Community Music School at Columbia College Chicago
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Sherwood Community Music School at Columbia College Chicago

Sherwood, The Community Music School @ Columbia College Chicago provides high quality music instruction...

Small Image of Rita Simo
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Rita Simo

Dr. Rita Simo founded the People's Music School because of her passionate belief in every person’s...

Small Image of Chris Sipos and Rachel Young
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Chris Sipos and Rachel Young

Chris Sipos and Rachel Young host open mic nights in the Waukegan area.

Small Image of Janani Sivakumar
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Janani Sivakumar

Janani Sivakumar’s recent performances include solo and ensemble concerts at Orchestra Hall, the Bennett-Gordon...

Small Image of Linc Smelser
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Linc Smelser

Linc Smelser is a dedicated teacher, performer, and conductor who instills his passion for music and...

Small Image of Lynne Sorkin
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Lynne Sorkin

Lynne Sorkin has served as the Director of Human Resources for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra ...

Small Image of Carolyn Stoner
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Carolyn Stoner

Carolyn Stoner graduated from UW-Stevens Point in 2001 with a B.A. in Arts Management...

Small Image of Gary Stucka
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Gary Stucka

Gary Stucka is a cellist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Small Image of Suzuki-Orff School of Music
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Suzuki-Orff School of Music

The Suzuki-Orff School of Music provides a quality music education to all Chicago children and...

Small Image of Michael Taylor
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Michael Taylor

Taylor shares his passion and enthusiasm for West African drumming traditions with students young and...
Small Image of The People's Music School
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The People's Music School

The People’s Music School is Chicago’s only completely free community music school serving...

Small Image of Chi Can To
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Chi Can To

Chi Can To connects his passion for music with audiences in Chicago's Chinatown community.

Small Image of Kianti Turner-Walton
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Kianti Turner-Walton

Kianti Turner-Walton is a young musician.

Small Image of Jourdan Urbach
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Jourdan Urbach

Jourdan Urbach is a young virtuoso violinist who has raised millions of dollars for the improvement...

Small Image of W.O. Smith School of Music
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W.O. Smith School of Music

W.O. Smith School transforms lives through music.

Small Image of Douglas Waddell
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Douglas Waddell

Douglas Waddell is co-founder of the CSO Percussion Scholarship Program.

Small Image of Kate Walsh
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Kate Walsh

Kate is an avid music lover who supports musical discovery for everyone.

Small Image of Deborah Wanderley dos Santos
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Deborah Wanderley dos Santos

Deborah shares the transformative power of music that saved her from an unstable childhood with Chicago’s...

Small Image of Janelle Webb
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Janelle Webb

I have been playing the piano since age 5. I initiated and began the first student...
Small Image of Kayla Wilson
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Kayla Wilson

Kayla Wilson is the youngest member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Theodore Thomas Society,...

Small Image of Skyla Wright
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Skyla Wright

Skyla is a percussionist who loves to share music with others.

Small Image of Katie Wyatt (KidZNotes)
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Katie Wyatt (KidZNotes)

Katie Wyatt is an accomplished musician and new personality in music and social entrepreneurship....