Here are some of the values and ideas utilized by Citizen Musicians which may answer some of your questions about this initiative and should help guide in developing your own work.


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Citizen musicians collaborate with artists and creative individuals of all varieties. They form relationships with musical institutions, education institutions, organizations that serve people of all walks of life, and with individuals in their communities – neighbors, friends, and strangers.

  • Where is there an opportunity for music to make a difference in a community? How can you serve an existing need or solve a problem?
  • What musical or non-musical partners will be involved in your work? Are you part of an ensemble? Are you working with schools, service organizations, ordinary citizens, or others?


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Citizen musicians aim to build deep and lasting connections. From the first note to the final cadence, every performance is an opportunity for connection through music.

  • How does the music you share build a connection with your audience? Can you anticipate how will they respond to your program? Beyond your performance, how can you express what the music means to you?
  • How can you get feedback from audience members, participants, and partners about their experiences? Are you open to their suggestions?


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Citizen musicians know that success is not a product but a process. Dialogue, discussion, asking questions, answering questions, articulating thoughts and ideas – these are important ways to create conversation and encourage reflection.

  • What can you do to improve your project for the future? What advice do you have for others? How can you share your successes and challenges with others so they can benefit from your knowledge?
  • Have you identified new opportunities or goals to explore in the future? Who else could be involved in or contribute to this work?
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