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Music touches the lives of listeners of all ages, bringing beauty and enjoyment no matter how young or old the listener may be.

Citizen musicians connect people through music and use their unique artistic creativity to address issues of concern in the community. Citizen musicians can be professional musicians, music educators, amateur musicians, music lovers, as well as musical and educational institutions.

We encourage you to be thorough in the description of this activity and how it connects to citizen musicianship.

What is the need being addressed by this activity? What are its goals and how does this activity bring people together to enrich the community? Does it support a specific need for celebration or consolation? How are the musicians connected with the audience to better understand how the results of their work are received? Tell us about the most memorable audience reaction to your work.

These are just suggestions of questions you may contemplate as you complete this form. We look forward to hearing your story, and you are sure to hear back from us.

Thank you!

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